Preventing Yeast Infections

Curing yeast infections is one thing; preventing yeast infections from coming back is another story altogether. If you lost weight on a diet you wouldn’t celebrate with a trip to the deep fryer and if you cure a yeast infection you shouldn’t revert back to the habits that contributed to your condition either. Preventing yeast infections is all about making simple changes in your life. If you can abide by a few simple rules of thumb you should be able to avoid recurrent yeast infection issues in the future. Have you read the yogurt and yeast infections post?

How To Preventing Yeast InfectionsPreventing Yeast Infections

While you can’t avoid the possibility of yeast infections entirely, you can reduce your chances for developing a problem. The following tips can significantly lower your risk and go a long way towards preventing yeast infections:


The clothes we wear directly contribute to the conditions that allow yeast to grow. Wearing cotton underwear (or panties with a cotton crotch panel) can help reduce your yeast infection risk level. Yeast thrives in damp, dark conditions and wearing underwear that allows the body to breath and draws moisture away from you can make a big difference. Tight fitting pants and shorts also make it harder for the body to breath and shouldn’t be a mainstay in your wardrobe if you are susceptible to infection. Avoiding constant use of pantyhose can help too. If you do wear pantyhose, choose a brand with a cotton crotch panel that can draw unwanted moisture away from you. Also, always change wet bathing suits and workout clothes as soon as possible. The common thread in all of these clothing tips is to reduce moisture levels on the body, as excess moisture may well be your enemy (and yeast’s best friend).


Eating plenty of live culture yogurt can be used as a treatment method and is also beneficial for preventing yeast infections as well. A well balanced diet will supercharge your immune system and help fight off infections of all kinds, including yeast infections. If you have diabetes, controlling your blood sugar levels will reduce the risk of contracting a yeast infection. Yeast thrives and damp conditions and feeds on excess sugar. No matter who you are, controlling your sugar intake will be beneficial in preventing yeast infections.

Preventing Yeast InfectionsHygiene

Avoid scented soaps, bubble baths, douches, tampons and sprays. Scented and perfumed hygiene products contain chemicals that kill off microorganisms that the body needs. These products affect the pH balance in the body and open the door for yeast infections to spread. Also, always wipe from front to back after handling your business. This will help you avoid spreading unwanted bacteria to the area you want it least.


Use of antibiotics can make you vulnerable to yeast infections. If you have to use an antibiotic for any reason, consult a doctor or pharmacist and see if a preventive antifungal treatment is a good idea for you.

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Are You Serious About Preventing Yeast Infections

There is no one secret to preventing yeast infections. Preventing yeast infections will require a long look in the mirror and some changes in your life. If you are serious about preventing yeast infections you will probably have to say goodbye to something you have grown to rely on to make your life better in the long run. Your health is at stake and it’s time to take a few steps towards preventing yeast infections today.


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